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Social Development

Economic growth and environmental conservation must be accompanied by social development. Therefore, our focus extends to activities beyond the income generating domain. Social cohesion and participatory planning in natural resources management and economic progress is imperative for achieving enhanced quality of life and providing the community with equal opportunities in decision making and implementation process. In social development sector, we undertake assignments related to:

  • Rehabilitation of social amenities
  • Social Impact Assessment, Socio-economic surveys and baseline studies and development of appropriate mitigation of adverse impacts and monitoring of performance.
  • Enhancing public/Community Participation
  • Research and capacity building
  • Resettlement Action Plans
  • Establishing and Identifying Project Affected Persons.

We incorporate gender analysis by developing strategies to promote gender equality in the infrastructural development projects, alleviation of poverty and hardships, involvement of ethnic minorities, food security and conservation of traditional resource management into all of our projects. These concerns are reconciled with the technical and resource management initiatives.