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Engineering and Collaborations

One of our sector focus is Transportation Planning and Engineering.
Aquaclean Services Limited recognises the need for integrated services and Terms Kenya Limited, a Subsidiary Consulting Firm, provides efficient and timely service in delivery of projects. We also collaborate with other Engineering Firms to enhance capacity and value to the Clients. Through this arrangement, Aquaclean Services Limited has participated in prestigious projects within the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors covering conception through to delivery of assignments. In all services, personalised approach with the Client(s) is sustained thereby ensuring client satisfaction. We offer among other Engineering professional services:

  • Engineering studies and designs
  • Feasibility studies including ESIA and RAP components
  • Design of bridges and civil engineering structures requisite to transportation facilities
  • Tender preparations and management
  • Project management support
  • Supervision of construction works

Basic services such as surveying and mapping, soils engineering, geology and materials investigation and structural design are integral parts of
transportation projects. Most of the project work is computer-based
providing greater in-depth study of the problems and enabling increased production capabilities.